Gallery & Testimonials

Stainless Ladder With Platform

All non-skid surfaces; the ladder is also removable.

Miscellaneous Custom Items

A few miscellaneous custom fabricated items: a non-skid safety ramp; all stainless cabinet; heavy duty scale stand.

Custom Trays, Baskets and Carts

This customer required extensive custom fabrication of trays, baskets and carts for use in their part sterilization process.

Custom Conveyor Cover, Pan & Heavy Duty Cart

The customer needed a conveyor cover created and a custom stainless pan.  Additionally, a heavy duty custom stainless cart was fabricated for the customer.  The cart was made with a removable stainless top for easy cleanup, and  is capable of holding 500 lbs.

Precision Fabrication & Stainless Sanitary Welds

A customer required special stainless fabrication of a drain pan assembly.  Notice the attention to details, like the precision of the sanitary welds.


Northern Custom MetalFab does outstanding work!

We needed a railing custom made for our home.  Pete was able to create the look that we wanted and did so in a very professional way.  He takes pride in the finished product, and we receive many compliments on his great work. - Noah & Denise